Yesterland GAF, Elgin, and Hallmark
Photo of GAF, Elgin, and Hallmark
GAF is the official film of Yesterland.

The GAF Photo Salon, the Elgin Clock Shop, and the Hallmark Communication Center are just a few of the shops that are now in Yesterland. You'll also want to visit:

  • Upjohn Pharmacy
  • Sunkist Citrus House
  • Global Van Lines Locker Service
  • Bank of America
  • Wurlitzer Music Hall
  • Yale & Towne Lock Shop

The long relationship between Eastman Kodak and Disneyland was interrupted in the 1970s when GAF was the official film of Disneyland. Today, the Main Street Photo Supply Company is once again presented by Kodak, but it's now located in what was once the INA Carefree Corner.

The timepieces sold on Main Street in Disneyland keep changing. Checking old Disneyland Souvenir Guidebooks from various years reveals: In 1969, it was Timex. In 1974, it was Elgin. In 1990, it was Lorus.

The space previously occupied by the Hallmark Communication Center is now Disney Clothiers, Ltd.

Flower Mart
Tobacco Shop

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Updated December 6, 2007.

Photograph of Main Street by Werner Weiss, 1974.