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Now there’s a marksman who is neither spifflicated nor cupshotten!

Welcome to the Pirates Arcade Museum. You say it looks more like an arcade than a museum? You’re right.

These are one-of-kind, pirate-themed Disney games in beautiful wooden cabinets with rope edges. Pull a dime from your pocket, and try your skill at an electro-mechanical shooting gallery machine. Try such favorites as:

  • “Freebooter Shooter”—Take pot shots at drunken pirates teetering on top of kegs, like those in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Earn ratings such as “spifflicated” and “cupshotten.”
  • “Cap’n Black”—Aim carefully when you play this very dark, spooky, and challenging machine.
  • “Captain Hook”—Blast away, as the machine plays “A Pirate’s Life Is a Wonderful Life” from Peter Pan.

Don’t leave without buying a postcard from the special postcard vending machine. These cards feature concept drawings for the Pirates of the Caribbean by Marc Davis, the creative genius behind many of Disneyland’s greatest attractions.

In Disneyland, New Orleans Square opened in July 1966, but its major attraction, The Pirates of the Caribbean didn’t open until March 1967. The Pirates Arcade Museum, located next to the exit from Pirates of the Caribbean, opened in the same time frame.

Despite its name, it was never really a museum. But if these one-of-a-kind devices were still around today, what great museum pieces they would make.

The space previously occupied by the Pirates Arcade Museum is now the Pieces of Eight shop. A few of the old devices from the Pirates Arcade Museum survive in the shop, including a large pirate fortune teller and a dubloon impression machine—but not the old shooting gallery games. In a nicely themed environment, the Pieces of Eight shop sells pirate souvenirs, such as skull mugs, and, of course, the ubiquitous plush toys.

Photo of the Pieces of Eight shop
The Pieces of Eight shop in 1998

One-of-a-Kind Shop
Indian Trading Post

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Updated September 25, 2006.

Photograph of Pirates Arcade Museum: 1977 by Marion Caswell.
Photograph of the Pieces of Eight Shop: 1998 by Werner Weiss.
Special thanks to Dennis Caswell for the names and descriptions of devices.