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The YesterlandSM website is “unofficial”—it is not sponsored or reviewed by The Walt Disney Company.

I developed the Yesterland website because I enjoy Disneyland and the other Disney theme parks. These webpages are an individual “labor of love” project. There is some advertising, in order to recover some of my costs.

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  • The Yesterland pages are a personal exercise in online journalism.
  • All text (except where otherwise noted), photography (except where otherwise noted), and artwork (except where otherwise noted) is by Werner Weiss.
  • Yesterland does not actually exist as a physical place. The purpose of using the “Yesterland” concept is to provide a creative context for the presentation of this information.
  • Yesterland includes links that let you exit from the Yesterland Web site. Such links are provided as a convenience, and do not constitute any endorsement of their content or accuracy.


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Updated January 4, 2019.