The World
to Goofy

The World According to Goofy

Find a spot along the parade route for a highly entertaining parade. You’ll see the history of civilization with a goofy twist—make that a Goofy twist.

The character that we now call Goofy made his screen debut in “Mickey's Revue” (1932) as an audience member with a most distinctive laugh. But, according to this parade, Goofy's ancestors go all the way back to Goofasaurus in 1,000,000 B.G. (before Goofy), who ran a spa with hot tar baths for dinosaurs. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.

Did you know that Goofy’s ancient Egyptian ancestor, King Putt, invented golf? Or that the great Italian artist and inventor Goofredo built the Leaning Tower of Pizza?

With such an illustrious family tree, it’s no wonder that Goofy is running for President.

The World According to Goofy

The World According to Goofy Parade opened at Disneyland in June 1992 and closed about five months later.

Many Disney parade fans consider The World According to Goofy Parade to be one of the best daytime parades in the history of Disneyland, along with the Lion King Celebration (1994-97) and the Party Gras Parade (1990). Surprisingly, The World According to Goofy Parade wasn’t moved to another Disney theme park after its run in Disneyland.

The World According to Goofy Parade celebrated Goofy’s 60th birthday, or more precisely, the 60th anniversary of the 1932 release of “Mickey’s Revue.” His appearance and personality evolved, and even his name changed from Dippy Dawg to Goofy. First as a supporting player and then as a co-star, Goofy appeared in many cartoon shorts, usually with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. In 1939, Goofy became a star with the release of “Goofy and Wilbur,” the first of 48 Goofy cartoons. After the release of “Goofy’s Freeway Trouble” in 1965, Goofy took a 30-year vacation, emerging only for a few guest appearances such as in “The Prince and the Pauper” (1990). Then, in 1995, Goofy and his son Max became the stars of their own delightful animated feature, “A Goofy Movie.”

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Photograph of The World According to Goofy Parade: 1992 by Mike McKiernan.
Photograph of Goofy for President Finish Line float: 1992 by Mike McKiernan.