Photo of the Living Desert
Rainbow Caverns Mine Train
Photo of cacti

Board the Mine Train for a trip into the Living Desert and through beautiful Rainbow Caverns. As your train enters the hot, arid desert, take a look at the cacti. Why, they almost look human!

Watch out for those Balancing Rocks. Oh, oh. They’re rolling around. Let’s hope they stay up there.

There goes a Rainbow Mountain Stagecoach through the Living Desert. And behind it on the same path, there’s a Conestoga Wagon. Now, a big train passes your little train; it’s the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad. And what’s that up by Natural Arch Bridge? It’s the Rainbow Ridge Pack Mules.

There sure are a lot of attractions that pass through the Living Desert.

But only the Rainbow Caverns Mine Train takes you into beautiful Rainbow Caverns. The caverns are dark inside except for pools and waterfalls of brightly colored, glowing water. Soft music adds to the mood of Rainbow Caverns. Illuminated only by the glowing water, you can make out the stalagmites and stalactites of the cave.

After you exit from the Mine Train, visit Mineral Hall right next door. Look at those ordinary looking rocks in Mineral Hall. But when the room darkens, the rocks glow in mysterious colors through the magic of black light.

Photo of cacti

The Rainbow Caverns Mine Train began operating in Disneyland’s new Living Desert in 1956. The Living Desert also served as the enhanced home of the Stagecoaches, the Conestoga Wagons, and the Pack Mules which all had premiered in Disneyland’s inaugural year, 1955.

In 1960, the Mine Train attraction was upgraded to become the Mine Train through Nature’s Wonderland. The Conestoga Wagons and the Stagecoaches disappeared during this expansion, but the Pack Mules were allowed to stay.

The Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad (renamed the Disneyland Railroad in 1974) served as the northern border of the Living Desert. Railroad passengers enjoyed excellent views of the desert until the track was rerouted in preparation for the 1966 opening of “it’s a small world.”

Mike Fink Keel Boats
Rainbow Ridge Pack Mules

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Photograph of the Living Desert: 1958 by Merrill A. Garner.
Photograph of cacti: 1958 by Merrill A. Garner.
Photograph of cactus (close-up): 1958 by Merrill A. Garner.