Photo of the Tomorrowland Spaceman
The Tomorrowland Spaceman welcomes
you to the past world of the future.

Other Tomorrowland Attractions

Over the years, Disneyland’s Tomorrowland section has been the best source of attractions for Yesterland. In addition to the Yester Tomorrowland attractions listed on the Yesterland home page, there are plenty of others. And even this list is incomplete.

Space Station X-1 (1955-1960)
Circle the Earth from fifty miles up in this “Satellite View of America.”
Circarama (1955-1966)
Experience the predecessor of CircleVision-360, sponsored first by American Motors and later by the Bell System.
Phantom Boats (1955-1955)
Who says only cars can have tail-fins? Take a cruise around the Tomorrowland Lagoon.
The World Beneath Us (1955-1960)
View a “fast-paced animated history of man’s quest for energy” presented by Richfield.
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1955-1966)
Walk through actual sets from the classic movie. Watch out for the giant squid.
Flight Circle (1955-1966)
Watch a demonstration of gasoline-powered model planes, cars, and boats.
Hall of Aluminum Fame (1955-1965)
Visit the exhibit where Kaiser Aluminum teaches you about... Kaiser Aluminum.
Color Gallery (1956-1960)
Allow Dutch Boy Paints to show you “Our Future in Colors.”
Astro-Jet (1956-1966)
Take a spin. It’s like Dumbo with rockets instead of elephants.
Bathroom of Tomorrow (1956-1960)
Presented by Crane.
House of the Future (1957-1967)
Walk through Monsanto’s plastic house for a peak at how technology will change the way you live.
Viewliner (1957-1958)
Take a ride on a streamlined train powered by Oldsmobile V-8 “Rocket” engine.
Art of Animation (1960-1966)
Learn how Disney makes animated movies. Buy a genuine production cel for $2.
Fashions and Fabrics Through the Ages (1965-1966)
See the history of women’s attire from the stone age to the space age in this exhibit by Monsanto.
America the Beautiful in CircleVision-360 (1967-1984)
Let the Bell System surround you with nine huge screens for a journey through the United States.
General Electric Carousel of Progress (1967-1973)
Take a seat in the revolving theater for a four-act look at an American household; then go up the Speedramp to Progress City.
Flight to the Moon (1967-1974)
Enjoy this updated version of Rocket to the Moon, complete with a Mission Control pre-show.
Mission to Mars (1975-1992)
Now that people have actually walked on the moon, wouldn’t you rather head for Mars?
Magic Journeys (1984-1986)
View a delightful 3-D movie direct from the Kodak pavilion at Yester-Epcot.

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Photograph of Tomorrowland Spaceman: 1958 by Merrill A. Garner.