Indian Trading Post Yesterland
Photo of the Indian Trading Post

Here in the rustic woods of Bear Country, you’ll find an old wooden cabin with a stone chimney and grass growing on the roof. Step inside. Shop for Indian arts and crafts, including a large selection of pottery and turquoise jewelry.

The Indian Trading Post opened in 1956 as part of Disneyland’s Indian Village. The store was part of the “show,” adding to the atmosphere of the Indian Village, and selling merchandise appropriate to its surroundings.

In 1972, Bear Country replaced the Indian Village, but the Indian Trading Post stayed in business, fitting nicely into the Northwestern outpost theme.

In 1989, Bear Country became Critter Country, home of Splash Mountain. To go along with Splash Mountain’s Song of the South theme, the Indian Trading Post became the Briar Patch. The Native American goods gave way to “handcrafted items, clothing and toys from Critter Country,” and “souvenirs from Splash Mountain and Winnie the Pooh, too.”

By the Summer of 1996, the Briar Patch stocked only Disney plush toys, such as those carried by The Disney Store at your local shopping mall.

Briar Patch at Disneyland in 2005
Briar Patch at Disneyland (2005 photo)

Splash Mountain
Bear Vacation Hoedown

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Updated June 1, 2023

Photograph of the Indian Trading Post: 1987 by Paula Dieker.
Photograph of the Briar Patch: 2005 by Allen Huffman.