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I welcome e-mail from Yesterland guests. Before you write to me, please be aware that:

  • To ensure successful delivery, you must include the word Yester or Yesterland on your subject line. Otherwise, your e-mail will be discarded by a spam filter.
  • Although I eventually reply to most e-mail, it sometimes takes me days, weeks, or months to do so.
  • If you’re sending a “Yester Memory,” and you want me to post it, please understand that it should deal with an extinct feature of Disneyland. I’ve received many thoughtful notes about attractions such the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which, I’m happy to say, is not part of Yesterland. Also, I don’t post notes about Walt Disney World.
  • If your note has the word Memory or Memories on the subject line, I will assume that I have your permission to post it, and to edit it for length, spelling, and punctuation. Otherwise, I will assume that your note is private, and I will not post it.
  • I do not work for Disneyland or any other part of the Walt Disney Company, and I never have. If you’re trying to contact The Walt Disney Company, visit Disney Guest Services.

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