YesterlandDisneyland from the Air in 1962
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The year was 1962. Although the day was a bit hazy, an aerial photographer captured three views of Disneyland from the sky.

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Pretend the year is 1962. You’re exploring the latest wonders of the Happiest Place on Earth. Construction on the park’s west side promises great things to come.

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Your visit begins in Tomorrowland (above). Perhaps you arrived on the Disneyland Alweg Monorail, which was extended to serve the Disneyland Hotel in June 1961. The newest “E” ticket attraction in the park is here. It’s the Flying Saucers ride, which opened in August 1961. Douglas Aircraft Company became the new sponsor of Rocket to the Moon in June 1962.

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The Mine Train and Pack Mules provide rides though Nature’s Wonderland in Frontierland (above). If you zoom in, you can find several mule trains along the trail. Beyond Frontierland, you can get a good look at Fantasyland. The Midget Autopia is between Storybookland and the Motorboat Cruise.

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In the third photo (above), you can zoom in on the construction along the Rivers of America in 1962. The walls are up for Haunted Mansion, even though the attraction would not open until 1969. Nearby, the steel for the New Orleans Square basement is in place; it was like this for four years, as Walt Disney shifted his limited resources to the 1964 New York World’s Fair. There’s no sign of the Pirates of the Caribbean show building outside of the berm because the pirate attraction was originally going to be a walkthrough past wax figures in the basement. Also, look for construction of the Swiss Family Treehouse, the Tahitian Terrace (which involved reworking the Plaza Pavilion), and Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room.

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Walt Disney in Chicago
Disneyland in 1960


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Three aerial photographs of Disneyland in 1962: Courtesy of the Orange County Archives, Santa Ana, California, from the Knott’s Berry Farm Collection.