Yesterland Photo of the older Disneyland sign
The older Disneyland sign

Welcome to Yesterland!

Did you ever wonder what happened to Disneyland’s Mine Train, Flying Saucers, or Indian Village?

These and other attractions, restaurants, and shops are now collected in Yesterland, a theme park on the Web.

Photo of the newer Disneyland sign
The newer Disneyland sign

Perhaps you remember some of these attractions from your earlier visits to Disneyland. Or perhaps they were gone before you ever had a chance to experience them. In either case, I hope you enjoy your visit to Yesterland.

While you’re here, please also take a look at the other content, including articles about Disneyland history, guest memories, and side trips from Yesterland.

The Disneyland signs on this page are an example of how Disneyland has changed over the years. By the way, the original Disneyland sign from 1955 is missing from this page. I don’t have a picture of it. In fact, I’ve never met anyone who has seen a picture of it or who remembers what it looked like!

Photo of the current Disneyland sign
A more recent Disneyland sign
on Harbor Blvd.

Werner Weiss
Curator of Yesterland

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Updated December 30, 2021

Photograph of the older Disneyland sign: 1974 by Werner Weiss
Photograph of the newer Disneyland sign: 1997 by Werner Weiss
Photograph of more recent Disneyland sign: 2006 by Werner Weiss